Multiverse Update

Hi Poptropica!

A new thing happened in Poptropica today… or yesterday… Multiverse is free!

If you look in the store it will say “FREE” on the top right hand corner.

Since Multiverse is free, I am going to add a page for it, with pictures of Multiverses.

The new card looks like this.


Loud Shark

Money Ladder Tutorial

The new mini-game in the world of Poptropica is called Money Ladder. Basically, you just have to answer all of the answers correct and you win.

Game Show Island

Easy? Not so much. Although, if you have ever noticed that when you have two tabs open, one Poptropica and another one a search or something, the game pauses. What I mean is if there is an animation of the Poptropican doing something, and you open to another tab, the animation pauses. So then, when there is an question you don’t know the answer to, you can just look it up.

Continuing on, once you answer all of the questions correctly you win three prizes.

  • Robot Costume
  • Binary Rain
  • Robot Dance
Robot Costume looks like this
Binary Rain looks like this
Lastly, Robot Dance looks like this

Loud Shark


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